After 2,000 years God’s Gospel power and priority have not changed! Believing in the Good News of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah saves people’s souls. There is no other name (Acts 4:12), and there is no other way (John 14:6) by which a person can be made right with God.

As a result, there is nothing more important than getting the message of His salvation to a spiritually needy world. But God, in the counsel of His will, has determined that this message must always go first to the Jewish people wherever and whenever it is proclaimed.

That is what our Shalom Outreach is all about. We honor the Biblical priority of proclaiming the Jewish Gospel to the Jewish people first. If you love to share your faith in Yeshua, care about the well-being of the Jewish people, and want to honor the Lord by making His priority your priority, we would love to team up with you this summer!

Two thousand years have passed, but God’s priority has not.  Join us as we share the Good News of Yeshua with His beloved people!


New York